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12 Purposes To Install A Smart Thermostat

Summer is the time of year when it’s especially important to keep an eye on your HVAC system. Installing a smart thermostat can help you remain cool while saving money on your energy bill. You’ll want to be able to control your thermostat when the summer heat arrives. Cooling your home at the proper time of day so that it’s pleasant when you and your family are at home, without incurring the high energy bills that come with running your air conditioner all day while everyone is at work or school!

However, using a smart thermostat (also known as a WiFi thermostat) can be beneficial. From your smartphone, you’ll be able to control the temperature in your home. If you haven’t already, here are ten reasons to convert to a digital thermostat.

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  1. Getting the Most Out of Your Energy Bills

The information provided by a smart thermostat is both accurate and useful. You may design a plan with the suitable temperature zones to save money on energy costs using the manual and the energy saving suggestions that smart thermostats provide. The Nest Thermostat estimates that you will save 10% to 15% on heating and 15% on cooling bills. According to Ecobee, you’ll save roughly 23% on both heating and cooling. Similar forecasts can be found for other smart thermostats.

  1. Sensors that detect movement

Sensors built into a smart thermostat identify when people are awake and active in the house. This enables them to keep track of when you and your family are at home (mornings, evenings, etc.) and when you are away, which aids with scheduling.

  1. Long-Term Learning

Learning functions are embedded into thermostats like the Nest smart thermostat. They can “learn” when people are active and when heating/cooling is required using their sensors, and then adjust their own schedules accordingly. This saves time when programming for the first time and when changing schedules as the seasons change. This is just one of the many advantages of using a Nest thermostat.

  1. Your Phone as a Remote Control

A smart thermostat also comes with brand apps that you can download to your mobile device. As a result, you may check the thermostat from anywhere with a data/Wi-Fi connection, and adjust the temperature if necessary. If you need to make changes while at work or on vacation, a wi-fi thermostat comes in handy.

  1. Scheduling using a Smart Thermostat App

Smart thermostats allow you to build heating and cooling program straight from the app, in addition to long-distance management. As a result, not only is this more convenient than pressing buttons on a thermostat, but it also allows for more precise temperature adjustment from week to week.

  1. Monitoring Energy Consumption

A smart thermostat can also offer you with energy reports that show how much energy you’re consuming. They also display how your energy consumption has changed over time and how much it will cost you. As a result, these reports are sometimes accompanied by advice on how to save money by adjusting the temperature.

  1. Improved Temperature Controls and Visibility

When you look at the design of smart thermostats, you’ll notice that the temperatures are huge and plainly stylized. And straightforward user interfaces that can be read at a look! No more straining at little numbers on dimly lit panels or trying to figure out which buttons to press.

  1. Other Smart Devices Compatibility

The compatibility of smart device platforms continues to improve. As a result, your smart thermostat can connect to and share data with an increasing number of other home devices. If appropriate platforms exist, smart humidifiers and air purifiers, for example, can be controlled via the thermostat.

  1. Remotely Control Your Thermostat

Another popular advantage of having a WiFi thermostat is the ability to manage the temperature in your home from a distance. You can simply log into your thermostat app and alter your cooling plan for the day if you’re heading home early and want your home cooled before you arrive. You can adjust your cooling schedule to keep the house warmer while you’re away if you’re going on vacation.

Do you have a vacation home to look after? Your thermostat will give you alerts whenever the interior temperature in your home falls below or rises beyond the established parameters, allowing you to remotely monitor whether or not your HVAC system is performing properly.

  1. Profiles of Energy

An energy profile is a representation of your home’s energy usage. Its energy profile scores are influenced by its size, location, heating/cooling techniques, and other factors. As a result, these details can be programmed into a smart thermostat for energy efficiency. This is an automated method that simplifies HVAC management.

  1. Weather Forecasting

The latest Ecobee thermostats can watch the latest local weather data and make appropriate temperature changes if the heat is rising or a cold front is approaching. And those are just a few of the thermostat’s smart features.

  1. HVAC Stress is Reduced

When you run your heat or air conditioning on a regular basis, you put a strain on your HVAC system. This can cause wear and tear over time, reducing its lifespan and prompting you to invest in a new HVAC installation. By only using your heat or air conditioning when absolutely necessary, you may relieve some of the strain on your HVAC system and extend its life.


A smart thermostat is a fantastic addition to your home’s technology. However, if you want to be sure you’re covered if your HVAC system fails completely consider obtaining a home warranty from Energy Saving. A home warranty can assist cover the unexpected and costly costs of repairing your air conditioner’s components. Are you searching for a professional to install a smart thermostat? Contact Energy Savings MA team now